Be The Painkiller, Not The Vitamin

17 mins by The Business Of Coaching Show |

This week i've had the worst toothache.

Last night I literally rushed out to the late night chemist at 9pm for painkillers.

Thankfully i've been to the dentist and the pain is now going.

It actually reminded me of a valuable point I read in a book last week.

'Be the Painkiller, Not the Vitamin'.

Meaning people are more compelled to buy what they think will get them out of short term pain more than something they think will give them long term pleasure.

The same can be said for coaching.

No-one really buys coaching (vitamin).

What they're buy is the hope for a desired result or outcome (Painkiller).

A large percentage of coaches fail because they're trying to sell vitamins when they need to be selling painkillers.

In this weeks podcast you'll learn how to position your coaching offering to be more painkiller than vitamin.

You'll learn what we call 'The 4 emotions' that make or break whether your ideal client buys from you or not.

Make notes, implement what you learn and enjoy the show.


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