From £0 to your first £100k as a Coach

1 hour 1 min by The Business Of Coaching Show |

On Wednesday night I hosted a live Masterclass for several hundred coaches, trainers and consultants who aren't currently at £100k revenue in their businesses.

In the 60 minute class I taught how to get high fee paying business coaching clients that pay you monthly retainers in the £10's of thousands per month.

Each person left armed with a set of tools they can actually go away and apply to get business coaching clients.

Small Business Coaching is the Number 1 niche in the coaching industry today.

More fees are paid out to business coaches than in any other aspect of the market.

The proof is in the pudding as our very own Founder of the APCTC Dan Bradbury has far surpassed that.

(In 2016 Dan generated over £1.6 million in business coaching fees.)

On the class I shared with the attendees how he did it.

So, if you're a coach, trainer or consultant who isn't yet at the £100k per year threshold and wants to know how to crack the business coaching market this session is a must for you.

In this 60 minute recording you'll learn:

-How to position yourself as the Number one Authority in your market

-How to attract the right type of business coaching customer paying the right fee.

-What you need to do to create a recurring revenue stream from business coaching.

Plus much more!

Enjoy the session.