Kat Dever Interview: The playful, relaxed approach to building a thriving coaching practice

47 mins by The Business Of Coaching Show |

In light of International Women's day this week I recently had the pleasure of sitting down with amazing coach and thought leader Kat Dever.

Kat speaks on stages all around the world and runs retreats for women to help them come out from hiding their true power, from fearing their greatness and resisting their calling because of fear, shame and self-doubt.

Kat has built a multi six figure coaching business from home and with two beautiful children.

During the conversation Kat gave valuable insight on why she feels many coaches especially women fail to create the business they desire and deserve.

Kat talked openly about her challenges, setbacks and life philosophy and why a lack of alignment when it comes to inner and outer so called success may be holding you back.

You can find out more about Kat by clicking the link in the show notes.


Enjoy the show and Happy Belated International Women's Day!