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A Startling Fact About Most Coaches

ME: How will your life be better when you achieve X?

A question I often ask clients.

Most coaches I know aren’t 100% certain how their lives will be better once they’ve accomplished a goal in their business.

This therefore creates a disconnect.

It’s great to ‘hustle’ and work super hard but if you’re not in regular contact with the purpose behind why you do what you do, frankly what’s the point?!!

Yesterday I delivered a live Business coaching demonstration for 2,000 coaches in the community.

Kirsty (An amazing coach herself) played full out.

We tackled business challenges, issues around time management and the legacy she wants to leave behind when she’s no longer here.

If you’re the sort of coach, trainer or consultant who is constantly open to new ways to approach how you facilitate change for those you serve check out the session recording here.

PS… if you play along and answer the questions yourself you’ll get even more from the call.

With Love.


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